Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire A REALTOR®

Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire A REALTOR®

Preparing your home for sale

You’ve scanned until your eyes went blurry (too many times to count). You’ve saved your down payment. You’re finally ready to get into the market and start viewing homes. What do you do now?


The first step is connecting with a local REALTOR® who will represent you for your purchase and guide you through the buying process. There’s so much value in hiring a REALTOR® to work on your behalf. Don’t call the listing agent - they work for the seller!

There are lots of REALTORS®, so how do you choose the best one? Maybe you have a recommendation from a friend or family member, or simply plan to search online. Before you make a call or send an email, ask yourself a few questions and take some time to review your options.

  • Do they have a professional website?

  • What does that website tell you about them and how they conduct their business?

  • Do they seem authentic?

  • Are they experienced?

  • What do the testimonials and Google reviews say?

  • How do they present themselves?

Think to yourself, would this realtor and I make a great team for my property search?


I say experienced because buying a home is so much more than signing a contract and arranging the mortgage financing. It’s a complicated and, often, an emotional process. Why?

  • Buying a home is always a big decision and my focus is finding my clients the right home.

  • I work with my clients to secure the property and I’ll advise on how much to offer, and why (you’ve found your dream home and you don’t want to lose it).

  • Through years of experience, I can anticipate the other parties’ moves and how they will respond to the offer. I’ll make suggestions on how to make your offer as desirable as possible.

  • I know what’s reasonable to include in the offer and what’s not.

  • If you are in competition with other buyers, I can explain the process and apply my success plan for winning in this complicated scenario.

  • As a full time REALTOR® with 11 years of experience, I provide valuable insight into the constantly evolving market, as I live it day in and day out.

  • I know which strategies are successful, and what practices are working right now. This is a fluid process, what is accepted today could be frowned upon tomorrow.

  • I’m there for my clients emotionally as well as professionally. I never leave my clients hanging, and I always respond quickly, taking calls any time of day. I talk them down when emotions run high, and provide always a steady hand throughout this often stressful process. 

  • By the time we present our offer, we are a team working together to get that property with the fewest problems and as efficiently as possible. 


All the steps involved in the buying process may seem overwhelming to you, but it’s what I do every day.

People always ask me “what sets you apart from other REALTORS®?”, and my answer is always this: I am a client focused REALTOR®, customer service is my #1 priority. My clients trust me, rely on me and respect my opinions. I’m honest, I care about them and, most importantly, I always put their interests above anything else. 


Everyone deserves a realtor who is experienced, professional and personal.

- Meredith